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For deworming sheep with hemonchosis, veterinary phenothiazine, naftamon, as well as nilverm and tetramizole granulate are recommended. Phenothiazine veterinary is prescribed at a dose of 0.5 g / kg by group method mixed with grain, less often individually in the form of an aqueous suspension with emulsifiers (flour or starch paste). Naftamon is used in doses of 0.3-0.5 g/kg, once, individually in the form of a 10% suspension in water or a 2% starch solution. This preparation can be fed to animals with feed in a group method (50 sheep per group).

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Clinically pronounced hemonchosis is distributed mainly in the southern zones of the USSR and in Transbaikalia, where it causes great damage to sheep breeding. Morphology of the pathogen. Haemonchus contortus is a reddish hair-like nematode in life. The rudimentary oral capsule contains a single chitinous tooth that injures the mucosa of the abomasum, causing bleeding. Male 10-20 mm long, has two brown spicules. The female is 20-35 mm long. her vulva, located in the back of the body, is covered with a large valve (Fig. 28). stand out at the stage of several crushing balls.

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The causative agent of hemonchosis is the nematode Haemonchus contortus from the fam. Trichostrongylidae. More often, haemonchi parasitize in the abomasum of small ruminants, less often in the small intestines. Haemonchs feed on blood (hematophagous). Hemonchs develop according to the trichostrongylidoid type. Together with the excrement of ruminants, the eggs of haemonchs are excreted, where, at a temperature of 25-30 °, larvae of sertraline stage develop inside the eggs, which leave the egg shells after 14-17 hours. Then there is a double molt of larvae, after which (on the 4-5th day) they become invasive (third stage).

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Under less favorable conditions, the period of development from the egg to the infective stage of the larvae is lengthened. Infection of zoloft pills with hemonchosis occurs when invasive larvae are ingested with food or water. About two non-target larvae are in the glands of the abomasum, where they grow, molt, and then go into the lumen of the abomasum or small intestines and reach the sexually mature stage in 17-20 days. Gemonchi parasitize ruminants for 7-10 months.

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Hemonchs are hematophagous. During the period of parasitism in the abomasum and small intestines, they injure the mucous membrane of these organs. Mechanical damage to the mucous membrane is often accompanied by bleeding and ulceration of the latter. In addition, the parasites appear to produce toxins and are also able to buy sertraline online and inoculate microbes, resulting in disorders of the digestive and nervous systems. pathological changes. At autopsy of the corpses of ruminants that have died from hemonchosis, a huge number of parasites are found in the abomasum, covering the mucous membrane of this organ in the form of dense felt.